Thieves of Shaemoor (RP Example)

In this short RP session my newly created thief Fiana was looking for some “work” in the nearby tavern, but found more than she expected.

Fiana: <pulls down her hood as she enters the tavern>

Mina: Oh, hello there. <she looks in her glass>

Fiana: You look a little sad. What’s it about?

Mina: It’s… <she sighs> Ah, you know how magic always brings trouble?

Fiana: Actually… no. I stay away from magic. Always.

Fiana: So you know magic?

Mina: Not by choice, but yes, I do. Why? <she frowns> Please don’t drag me into more magic stuff.

Fiana: Well… What do you think about that, though? <puts a fine dagger on the counter and shoves it in front of Mina>

Mina: <picks it up and takes a closer look> A dagger, really? Your magic item is already dangerous even without any magic.

Mina whispers: (Mina can only detect obvious magic and magic from the mists. :3 She’s… just not good at it. 😀 Does she detect something?) 

Fiana: Oh… I can handle daggers. But I was told this one is cursed, so I want to take care. <she uses the moment in which Mina inspects the dagger to look for a purse on Mina…> 

Fiana whispers: (Nope, the dagger is not magical at all. 😀 But it sure looks suspiciously magical.)

Mina whispers: (Oooooooh! I see what she’s doing! :D)

Mina: Cursed?! <she looks at her with shock> Didn’t I say non-dangerous items?! <but suddenly she seems intrigued and takes a closer look> What… what kind of curse? <actually, there is a purse hanging from her belt and she seems not to look after it>

Fiana: Oh… you know… eh… a death curse. But only kills… eh… women. <while talking, she slooowly tries loosen the purse and take it>

Mina: <she turns the dagger in her hands> Only women? That’s oddly specific. Is there a story to it? <she’s so intrigued by the dagger, she wouldn’t even notice if a Dolyak stole her purse>

Fiana: An envious husband, maybe? <she shrugs> Heard there are many of those. <excited that her plan went so well, she gives the purse a good drag. Too good maybe, because Mina will most likely notice it if it not even loosens whatever it was attached to> 

Mina: Oh, I definitely heard of th-… <she stops, as she notices the dragging. Especially, because it almost opens her belt and her skirt only loosely hangs to her hips> What…? <she looks up from the dagger to Fiana>

Fiana: Eh… <she tries to put the purse behind her back, but most likely too late>

Mina: WHAT DID YOU DO?! <she now grabs the daggers hilt and points it at Fianas face> Thiefing bitch! 

Mina: You better give me a good reason not to test if this dagger really specifically kills women! <she seems furious>

Fiana: Woah… eh… actually… It… it was already loose. I only grabbed it.

Mina: Oh really? <she doesn’t look convinced> Then you’ll also have no problem giving it back, right? 

Fiana: <she grabs two coins out of the purse behind her back> S-sure… <she wants to give the purse back to Mina>

Mina: <takes it abruptly and ties it back to her now almost-functioning belt> And… <she looks at the dagger> I’ll keep that. Don’t think I can trust you with it.

Mina whispers: (Don’t worry, you can always just take it from Mina. 😉 She won’t hold to it strongly.)

Fiana whispers: (Sure, no worries, she might need it later, because it’s important to her, but you can keep it for a while. 😉 ) 

Fiana: Heyyy, but that’s mine! Actually, you are the stealy one!

Mina: Is that so…? <she rotates the dagger in her fingers, thinking> Because, if _you_ were of the “stealy” kind… <she lowers her voice> I might have a job for you.

Fiana: Only if you return my dagger. And payment.

Mina: Fine. <she shrugs> Let’s go. <she puts the dagger behind her belt and goes to leave the tavern> 

Fiana: Aye, aye, Miss… what was your name?

Mina: Mina. <she answers shortly while leaving the tavern> And yours, stealy one?

Fiana: Fi. <she grumbles>

[Both leave the tavern]

Fiana: It’s already dark… no need for a hood. <she murmurs to herself>

Mina: <it’s dark outside and the air is cold. She tries to tighten her belt, but has obvious troubles doing so while walking fast> Let’s make this quick, before I finally lose my skirt and freeze to death. 

Fiana: <Follows her> Well, just pay me well, so your purse will be light enough for your belt to hold. <she smiles> 

Mina: Maybe I will. <from time to time, she throws a paranoid look behind her back> If we make it through the night.

Fiana: You… you meant “when” not “if”, right? <she follows Minas glances> Where are we going, anyway?

Mina: <when Fiana looks around, she might see it. A shadow. Big as a centaur. It sits between two houses, with a creepy amount of legs>

Fiana: W-wha-w-…?! <she stutters, stopping, looking at the shadow> M-Mina…?! 

Mina: <she turns around, grabs Fiana by the hand and tries to drag her with her> Don’t look at it for too long. It will only catch up faster then. Keep going, we’re close to the graveyard.

Fiana: The graveyard?! <she doesn’t seem calmed, but makes no objections to following Mina> Listen, keep my dagger, maybe you’ll find somebody better for this job. 

Mina: Get yourself together. Your dagger. It’s not really cursed or magical, right?

Fiana: N-no. Not that I would know of. <she swallows> It was good at distracting, though. <again, she looks back>

Mina: <the creature isn’t visible anymore, the fast walking should have given you some space>

Mina whispers: (Hey, sorry, I have to leave early today. D: Is it fine if Mina asks Fi no another day to help her?)

Fiana whispers: (Sure, no problem. 🙂 Should I help you get out of the RP? Fiana would be ready to run away. 😉 )

Fiana: <is visibly shaking> You know what? <she turns around> I think it’s away. We should take our chance and leave.

Mina: <Fiana can only hear a thud from behind her, and something quickly dragged across the grass. In the corner of her eye she can see the many-legged shadow running… away from her. Up the stairs and down the well, dragging something with it. When she turns around, Mina is gone.>

Mina whispers: (Don’t worry, I’m good. 😉 Thanks though!)

Fiana: <takes a deep breath, relaxing> Hey, Mina, I think we scared it-… <only as she turns around she notices her missing companion> M-Mina? Oh damn, by the gods! <then she runs away into the night, mumbling something about daggers>

Mina whispers: (Thanks for the RP! <3 Don’t worry, Mina will come back for that graveyard thingy. 😉 See you around!)

Fiana whispers: (Thanks too! 🙂 Fiana also definitely won’t leave her without that dagger. 😉 Have a good night!)

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