How to start?

Don't worry, we'll tell you everything you need to start roleplaying.
It's easier than you might think!


1. Join a community!

It’s dangerous to go alone! Or, if not dangerous, at least less fun. So why not join one of the roleplaying community Discords? There, you can find help, learn about events or just chat.

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🇬🇧 English (EU) - Wandering Roleplayers
🇫🇷 Français - Croisée des Chemins
🇩🇪 Deutsch - GW2 Rollenspiel


2. Get in the game

1) Click here to create a free account. It only takes 30 seconds (email, password, name, done)! Choose a nice name, other's can see it! <3
2) Click here to download the game. You only need the first 7 GB to start, so you might be done in 15 minutes.
3) Click here to download the RP addon. Just download, double click and dismiss the warning.

Then its time to create a character!
Don't worry about the server, class and backstory - they don't matter for RP. Exception: Your class decides your clothing options! The upper line wears armor, the middle line wears mostly coats, and the lower line has robes and fine clothing to choose from.

3. Reach level 10

You’ll need to reach level 10 to enter the main RP hotspot: Divinity’s Reach, the human capital. Don’t worry, that’s super easy!

It only takes 1 hour with our guide, but take as much time as you want. Leveling gives you time to think about your character, learn about the world, or, even better: casually chat with nice RPers, if you ask for help in Discord!

Are you new to online games? We made a 2 minute guide that teaches you the basics. Obviously, you can also ask players to come to the starting zone, so you can RP without leveling at all.

4. Character Sheet

Make yourself an overview about your character.

1) Who do you want to play? 3 words only! A noble knight, a honorable thief, a lady planning intrigues, a gardener with a dark secret? Just get a rough direction.
2) Which race will you play? We summarized short background infos about the races.
3) Why would your character talk to somebody? Roleplay starts with a walk-up, and it’s good if your character has a reason for that. Maybe they need help with something, they look for a job, try to steal or they are just curious.
4) The name. Make sure to pick something that fits in a fantasy world, e.g. “Meredith Walker” and not "xXDestroyerManXx".

You want to go deeper? Check out our guide on character creation below to learn about skills, interesting features, and more!

5. How to RP

To make your character act, just write in the say chat. Only remember to put actions between *stars*.

Sina: Hey, how are you? *she scratches her nose*
Argos: Could be better. *he shoves three coins over the counter to the bartender, who puts a beer mug in front of him*
Sina: *she tilts her head* So nothing new about the amulet?

Everything that you see in there world is there, but you can come up with additional details, e.g. the bartender, the beer mug, etc.

6. Start Playing!

1) Read the RP guidelines. URP has no rules, but there are guidelines to make sure everybody has fun. We collected a short summary of the most important ones here (link). Don't worry too much about remembering them. You accidentally break some of those, but the longer you play and the more you keep the maxime "everybody should have fun" in mind, they'll come naturally to you.

2) Find other RPers. RP needs at least one other person. You can find others by looking for the small WARP symbol on your map (M). Alternatively ask in the community discords where to find RP and people will bring you there! <3 You can read more about finding RPers here.

3) Start talking! Why not begin with a simple “hello”? Just start behaving like your character would. It will start slowly, but the more people you meet the more stuff happens, the more you get entwined in interesting stories, and two weeks later you are the right hand of a gangster boss - or the guard hunting him. And if it doesn't start, you can try our tips to get your RP going. (link)

Happy roleplaying! <3
I bet you still got questions. Why not ask them on the community discords where a bunch of nice people waits to answer them for you? <3

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