Find RP

Roleplaying needs at least one other person, so let’s see how to find them!

WARP – The RP Addon

When you install WARP (link) you will see other roleplayers on the map. Just look for a group and go there. Most RPers usually hang out around one of the taverns in Divinity’s Reach.

Important Tip: Switching Parallel Worlds

Sometimes you will stand next to somebody on WARP, but you cannot see them! That’s because Guild Wars 2 has multiple parallel worlds. You can switch to the right one by clicking the “switch world” button in WARP next to somebody and follow the instructions.

Recognize RPers

Roleplayer are usually easy to spot. *One* of these hints is usually enough to give them away. If you are still unsure, you can always ask them. Just right-click their portrait and select “whisper”.

  • They stand near a tavern in Divinity’s Reach
  • They use the RP addon
  • They walk slowly
  • The RP tag under their name says [RP]

Use your Friend List

Add RPers to your friendlist after you played with them! No need to ask, just do it. This way you can see when they are online and ask via whisper if they want to RP.

You’re ready!

If you still feel insecure about roleplaying, you can first watch players on a RP hotspot. But you’re here to live stories, not just watch them. So why not start with a simple “hello”?

You’ll see that URP starts slow, but the more people you meet and the more stuff happens, the more you get entangled in interesting stories, and two weeks later you are the right hand of a gangster boss – or the guard hunting him.

If it doesn’t start, you can try we got some tips to get your RP going. (link)

Happy roleplaying! <3

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