Find out everything about chat roleplaying in online games
like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Minecraft and many more!

A living world

In Universe Roleplaying (URP) you take on a role in the world of an online game. Be who you want to be: a guard, criminal or tavern keeper. Join adventures, relax in the tavern, find love - or whatever you want to do. Only one thing is certain: Everything you do changes the world!


An easy start

Just log in and (role)play! URP is separated from normal gameplay, so you don’t need skills or levels. All you need is a keyboard, your creative mind and a hunger to take part in amazing stories!

With almost no rules and free games to choose from, starting your adventure is easier than it has ever been. So, start your URP journey today!

The Appeal

Universe Roleplaying is easier to explain if we know what you already know! So pick which media you come from and get a personalized explanation. So, where are you from? ❤

How to start

You're in luck! We got the perfect guide for you. We use the free online game Guild Wars 2 as example - which we think is best to start RPing! Though, if a friend sent you here, you should obviously join their game.

But don't worry! Roleplaying is the same everywhere, so with our guide (and your friend's help), your roleplay beginning will be easy as pie!

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