Get in the game

1) Click here to create a free account. It only takes 30 seconds (email, password, name, done)! Choose a nice name, other’s can see it! <3

2) Click here to download the game. You only need the first 7 GB to start, so you might be done in 15 minutes.

3) Click here to download the RP addon. Just download, double click and dismiss the warning. Then you can see other RPers on your map and add a character description.

If you run into any problems, feel free to ask in the community discords! Nobody expects you to be a technical genius. <3

Character Creation

Download finished? Nice! Time to create your character ingame.

1) The server doesn’t matter. Just pick any. You can play with people from all servers.

2) The backstory doesn’t matter for RP. You can come up with any backstory for your RP character. More about that in our character sheet tutorial! (link)

3) The class doesn’t matter for RP either. Even if you pick necromancer, your character can still be a normal baker. But…

4) …but your class decides your clothing options! The upper line wears armor (preview), the middle row wears mostly coats (preview), and the lower row has robes and fine clothing (preview) to choose from.

5) Clothes don’t matter, but face does! You can always edit your clothes for free, but editing your face later on is expensive! So rather spend time on your face than your cloth coloring. But don’t worry too much about the face too, few people stick with their first RP character.

6) Sylvari: Check your glow color! Sylvari glow at night. Click the light bulb button to see your glow color. Otherwise you might get surprised when the first night settles in. 😉 
That’s it, now you can enter the game!

That’s it!

It’s time to reach level 10, so you can enter the RP hotspot!

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