How 2 RP

Now, to the central question of this site: How DO you roleplay? How do you interact with the world?

Behave like your character would! To let your character say something, just write it in the white chat. To make them do something, write it in **. To make your character walk slowly, go to options->keybindings->walk and set it to e.g. /.


Sina says: Hey, how are you? *she scratches her nose*

Everything you see is there, but you can add details! E.g. you walk with your character to the (very visible) bar. There are no visible drinks, so just write that you order one and we’ll imagine it. You can also control non-player characters, e.g. a bartender.


Sina says: Same as every time. *she pushes three coins over the counter to the bartender, who in turn places a cup of water in front of her*

Ask the players behind the characters! You can use double brackets to signal that it is *you* talking and not your character. Or just use one of the other chats (party blue, whisper pink, golden guild, etc) to ask details about others. 


Argos says: Well, why don’t you make some space? *he tries to push Sina away*

Sina says: ((where does he try to push her? 😀 Just so I know how to react))

Argos says: ((On her shoulder 😉 ))

Sina says: Ah! *she gets shoved aside and rubs her shoulder* Did you have to push me on my bruise?

Still confused what RP looks like? You can read an example chatlog here (link).

Now that you know what you *can* do, let’s take a look at what you should (or shouldn’t) do, so everybody has fun: (link beginner thingy)

You’re ready!

Time to find some roleplayers to start playing!

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