Reach level 10

Levels don’t matter in RP. They don’t represent your character’s strength, and even at level 1 you got plenty of clothing options. But there is one exception: You’ll need to reach level 10 to enter the main RP hotspot: Divinity’s Reach, the human capital. Don’t worry, that’s super easy!

It takes only one hour with our guide below, but take as much time as you want. Leveling gives you time to think about your character, learn about the world, or, even better: casually chat with nice RPers, if you ask them to help you out via Discord!


You don’t even need to reach level 10 if you buy GW2 for 15-30 € once. You can read about that and other advantages here. (link) But in general you can RP perfectly without ever buying the game.

How do I play?

The top right shows your goal. The mini map on the bottom right helps to orient yourself.

The beginning of Guild Wars 2 is made especially for newcomers. So you can reach level 10 without any prior gaming experience. Just remember the following things:

1) Walk forward by pressing “W”. Turn by clicking and holding the right mouse button.

2) Attack by pressing the icons in the center bottom bar. Even just pressing the first button will get you to level 10.

3) In the start zone, follow the green star on your mini map. The mini map is in the bottom right of your screen.

4) In the game, go to the golden hearts on your map. To finish hearts, follow the instructions on the top right of your screen.

5) To finish the hearts, you’ll always have to defeat enemies (= press attack icons on bottom) or press F next to things. That’s already it! <3

6) Tip: You can teleport to the blue squares on your map. Click the map icon in the top left of your screen.


Walk: Press W
Turn: Hold right mouse button
Attack: Click icons on bottom
Interact: Press F
Open Map: Press M

At start: Follow green star
Later: Finish golden hearts by attacking enemies & interacting

The fastest (and easiest) way to reach level 10

We also uploaded a full video of reaching level 10 here, if you get stuck: 

  1. Finish the start zone (5min). Therefore, follow the green star on your mini map. You will know that you finished it when you defeated a giant boss enemy.
  2. Non-Humans: Teleport to the human zone! We want to teleport to the human starting zone. But we’re broke! So finish one heart – and maybe sell some stuff from your inventory. Then you got enough money to teleport. Click on the map icon on the top left and scroll in on the place I marked on the map (right below the circle, which is the human capital!). Click on the blue square to teleport there. [image of map]
  3. Now finish the hearts in the displayed order. To finish them, you just have to defeat enemies (by pressing the icons on the bottom) or press F next to things. There are only some things to look out for:
    1. Blue lines = Teleport. You can save time by teleporting the blue ways. Just click on the waypoint symbol on your map (press M to open).
    2. Do all events! If you see events on your map (= orange circles) go there and attack stuff! This will give you a lot of experience points!
    3. Heart 1: Buy cake & wet stones. After doing the first heart, talk to the lady with the golden heart over her head. She’ll sell you cake and wet stones. Buy an equal amount and use them every 10 minutes for a 10% experience increase every 10 minutes! [image of bread/stones and buff]
    4. Heart 8: Skip if you want. This one is fun, but a bit more complicated to do. If you get confused, just skip it.
    5. Heart 8: Cook to level! You can learn backing for 1 ½ levels of experience! Go to the person in the screenshot, ask her to teach you to be a chef. Then sell her all your stuff and buy equal amounts of water and flour. Then, on her second tab on the left, but yeast (= 25 yeast per pack). Go to the oven behind her, press F, and make as many “Loaf of Bread” as you can. This will give you a lot of experience – and you can eat the bread for a (small) xp boost!

Even if leveling isn’t necessary for RPing: If you like it, you might like our guide “How to get levels and why?”, where we show you the uncommon ways you can level in GW2 and how it can improve your rp!

Need a break?

Why not think about your character!

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