The Appeal of RP (movies/novels)

We love stories. We binge our favorite series or dig our nose for hours into an exciting novel. We fall in love with their worlds and sometimes… well, we shout at the characters to not make that stupid mistake. But what if you could dive into those worlds? What if you could control one of those characters? What if you could be one of them? That’s the magic of roleplaying. So, are you ready to start your story?

Living online worlds

In Universe Roleplaying, you play a character in the world of an online game, e.g. the fantasy world Tyria. But instead of spending hours beating up foes as you would when you’d play normally, you use the chat and the combined imagination of the other roleplayers to live stories. So you get the visual appeal of a beautiful 3D game with the unlimited freedom of text.

Unique stories

What you’ll experience is up to you. Some prefer to just hang out at the bar to crack jokes and search for romance, while others solve a murder mystery. And again others form a guild of thieves making the streets unsafe. Most do a mix of all of those. Just like with movies and novels, there are unlimited kinds of stories to play.

A welcoming community

The best part about roleplaying is the community. Roleplayers are very talkative, or rather “chat-ative”. So, once you play a bit, you’ll almost inadvertently form a friend group where you talk about roleplaying and everything else. And since those are online friends, they’ll stick with you even if you have to move or cannot see people around you, e.g. during a pandemic.

An easy start

You can start roleplaying right now, from home, without any pre-knowledge and without learning a long list of rules. Everything you need to start is explained in our short starter guide. Don’t worry, you’re not signing up to any obligations. You go online and roleplay when you want and have time, and if you don’t, you don’t. 

So, what are you waiting for? Your adventure is about to begin!

Title image by Clay Banks & charlesdeluvio via unsplash

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