The Appeal of RP (PnP/DnD)

Maybe you wondered what roleplaying would be like if there was not only your group, but every character was a real player. A living world that never sleeps, where things are happening all over the place at once. That’s the magic of universe roleplaying!

Living online worlds

In Universe Roleplaying, you play a character in the world of an online game, e.g. the fantasy world Tyria. But instead of spending hours beating up foes as you would when you’d play normally, you use the chat and the combined imagination of the other roleplayers to live stories. So you get the visual appeal of a beautiful 3D game with the unlimited freedom of text that you know from your PnP sessions.

100% Roleplaying

Sometimes, the roleplaying part in PnP is getting buried under dice rolling and looking through rules. In universe roleplaying, you can completely concentrate on the RP. Also there are some experiences that are hard to do in an in-person session: An relaxing hour-long tavern evening, romance, a market where each group member goes to a different booth, etc. In universe roleplaying, you can have all of those. (And, my favorite: You can crack OT jokes all the time in a separate chat without interrupting the roleplaying. <3)

Be the Game Master and Player

In URP there are no fixed GMs, but everyone is the GM for their character’s story. So if you always wanted to try to be a GM, but didn’t want to read through giant rule books, spend hours preparing a session or just not give up playing yourself, this is the best way to try it! And if you want to, you can still spend as much time preparing your awesome plot. 

A welcoming community

The best part about roleplaying is the community. Sometimes you cannot find a PnP group in your area, or you don’t vibe with the people. In URP, you have the whole internet to find people! Once you play a bit, you’ll almost inadvertently form a friend group where you talk about roleplaying and everything else. And since those are online friends, they’ll stick with you even if you have to move or cannot see people around you, e.g. during a pandemic.

An easy start

You can start roleplaying right now, without any pre-knowledge and without learning a long list of rules. There’s no need to find a group, try to find a date, etc. Just log in and start roleplaying. Everything you need to start is explained in our short starter guide. Don’t worry, you’re not signing up to any obligations, like you would for a raid. You roleplay when you want and have time, and if you don’t, you don’t. 

So, what are you waiting for? Your adventure is about to begin!

Title photo by Gian-Luca Riner on Unsplash

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